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About Desert Meadows

Computer Coding

Desert Meadows’ vision is to have all students reach their academic and social potentials, with technology serving as a catalyst to learning. Meadows has created a computer science-focused learning environment where technology is used along with traditional learning strategies to keep students fully engaged. Teachers use Google Classroom to build assignments, ask questions, and create discussions for their students to access online. This also allows them to create a “flipped classroom” where students review the lesson online at home and complete projects and exercises in class with their peers. Desert Meadows students take notes digitally with Chromebooks and have access to safe email accounts. Middle school students use digital portfolios to set goals and show academic growth to their families. Technology is not only found in the core academic areas, but has been integrated in elective classes as well. Students are offered a technology class focused on using technology in the classroom and at home, iPads are used in music and art, and there are coding and media clubs that further promote the use of technology.


An academics-based full day preschool program is available at Desert Meadows for a fee.

School Hours

Desert Meadows’ school hours are 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

School Report Card